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Daniel Gordon, GLD Partners

​​​​Daniel Gordon

Managing Director of GLD Partners, LP
Los Angeles, CA

Daniel Gordon is the founder and Managing Director of GLD Partners, LP, a diversified alternative investment firm based in Los Angeles, California. Daniel and GLD Partners, LP believe in the power of long-term investment approaches that span industries and geographies.

Daniel Gordon is the managing director of GLD Partners, LP. With a wealth of experience in investment strategy and public policy, Gordon's expertise allows GLD Partners, LP to account for systemic risks and find untapped returns in alternative investments. Most importantly, he is a proven leader who has been able to direct members of the GLD Partners, LP team toward exceptional performance.

Gordon has managed to translate his education into real-world success. With his background, he has been able to help financial firms like GLD Partners, LP perform with a unique understanding of financial markets at a systemic level, allowing them to better adapt to macroeconomic factors that can yield significant opportunities for them and their clients.

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Daniel Gordon is the father two children and a dog. He dedicates much of his free time toward helping his community in Los Angeles, California.

GLD Partners, LP

GLD Partners, LP is a privately held, diversified alternative investment management firm committed to a long-term focused investment approach to select investments, across industries and geographies.

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