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Daniel Gordon, GLD

​​​​Daniel Gordon

Managing Director of GLD Partners, LP
Los Angeles, CA

Daniel Gordon is the managing director of GLD Partners, LP. GLD Partners is a highly diversified wealth management firm based in Los Angeles, California with a focus on alternative investments. Gordon’s success in GLD Partners can be attributed to his strong understanding of how alternative markets fit into the overall macroeconomic ecosystem. 

Gordon has a unique ability to help organizations understand how the world's geopolitical environment influences financial markets. There are very few professionals in the world who have Gordon's unique set of skills, which makes him an invaluable asset for GLD Partners, and its clients, as the company looks to capitalize on alternative opportunities in emerging markets.

Gordon is heavily involved in philanthropy, especially philanthropy that focuses on helping his community grow. Gordon is particularly focused on helping young professionals understand the importance of seeking lifelong learning. When professionals continue to grow their minds with new ideas, Gordon believes that they continue to find the answers needed to advance in their careers. In 2020, Daniel Gordon became a member of the Forbes Business Council. 


Daniel Gordon live in California with his wife, two children, and their dog.

Daniel Gordon, Forbes
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